Dealer Information

Customers see them as a much-needed solution to the age old problem of Economy Vs. Versatility
Our Exclusive Dealers View Them As Tremendous New Opportunities For Growth Through These Uncertain Times.


The concept of our new EZ-Wagon was born out of the conundrum created when the auto manufactures decided to reduce the size of their SUV while still trying to hang on the convenience over a typical sedan.

The conflict between size vs. convenience has been waging since the days of the family station wagon, then there was the minivan, that brought us to the mid-size SUV. And now the smaller SUVs. Convenience and economy have won out over big size and big price.  But it has left a big hole in the market place. What do buyers do when they need the extra room?



Why Auto Dealers?

This wagon concept came about several years ago. When it did, we decided that we really wanted to do it RIGHT. It has taken a while to get to this point with the right design, the right manufacturer, the right marketing people etc. The only thing lacking was the distribution network.

This is an exceptional product. We want exceptional people distributing it for us, so we needed to come up with an exceptional opportunity to attract those distributors. And we think we have!


1. Who And What Are We Looking For In A Dealer?

    - - Aggressive Dealers who expect to continue to grow their business in our quickly changing marketplace.

    - - Opportunistic dealers who do the things it takes to stand out from from the pack in their own local markets.

    - - Smart business men who understand that sales are enhanced by increasing traffic, both quality and quantity, in the front and back of your stores.

Activity Breeds Activity!

2. What Are We Offering?

    - - Not just a new high profit margin vehicle for the show room. (average $750. Gross Per unit)

    - - Not just adding a few exciting parts for your parts department. (accessories available)

    - - Not just creating opportunity in your service department. (Installing trailer hitches and light harnesses)

But All Of The Above and More!

3. More:

    - - Opportunity through our ECLUSIVE DEALER PROGRAM to separate yourself and your dealerships from the rest of the competition in your local market area.

    - - Get more bang for your buck with your advertising budgets utilizing unique promotional opportunities.

    - - Opportunity to take advantage of OUR national media marketing programs